Camper Storage & Towing Tippy Toe RV & Camper Sales Inc.

TELEPHONE: 843-399-8055


NOTE: Please call us as soon as you make your reservation or at least 7 days prior to scheduled delivery date.  If reservation for delivery is made to Tippy Toe RV & Camper Sales 48 hours or less prior to desired arrival, an additional fee of not less than $5.00 will be added to your towing fee.

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Tippy Toe RV & Camper Sales storage offers 24 hour video surveillance & coded automatic security gate. Our yard is  fenced for your protection.

Weekly $25.00 Not to exceed $45.00 per month.

Monthly Storage Rate $45.00   Locals $35.00 “No Tow”

Locals Annual Storage Paid Yearly $410.00

Annual Campground Storage $540.00 per year.

Annual Storage Paid Quarterly (Every 3 months) $135.00

Towing Rates

$25.00 Each way for annual customers.

2.0 % Will be added to all services charged on a Credit Card.

Remember, your camper is power washed and tire inflation checked

before delivery. (with 7 day notice)

You Choose the Campground    Myrtle Beach Travel Park, Apache Family

Campground, Willow Tree Campground, or Briarcliff.  When you arrive, your camper

will be COOL and plugged in with the Refrigerator on.  This is a big customer

favorite.  Full service setup available.  Call or email for details.

“Full Service Setup” is available and includes  water, sewer, cable, and TV connection.  Your unit is leveled and ready to go.  Just bring your toothbrush and pajamas.

Only $35.00 additional.

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